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28 janvier 2018

I have find my searcher.



I subscribe on Twitter to follow a searcher and i find one who is doctor and professor in the University of Cambridge in Sociologist Departement.


Dr Brendan Burchell's first degree was in Psychology from Birmingham University from 1977-80. From there he went to Warwick University to take a PhD in Social Psychology, researching person perception under laboratory conditions. He then took a one-year post at The City University teaching social psychology, statistics and computing. His career took a change of direction when, in 1985, he was appointed to the Department of Applied Economics at Cambridge as a Research Officer to assist in a project entitled the Social Change and Economic Life Initiative, working collaboratively with economists, social psychologists and sociologists on a variety of aspects of labour markets and their effects on individuals. In 1988 Dr Burchell transferred from the Department of Applied Economics to take a Lectureship in the Faculty of Human, Social, and Political Science.


I send a link for the biographie :


That's a link with my search in Master 1 in Univerty Lyon2, my search is the stress at work, cause and psychological trouble.


I'am happy, i hope that was cool !




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Adrien :




Today i have learn how you can realise a blog, that was very difficult to find one free. But i find hit. You need to enter password and user name and i decided that the other member with me can works in my blog too. I decided to built four parts for the four works. I do a little description of what you can find in.

This is easy to create page in order. I use Google traduction for few words. It's, it is fun. That's just the beggin.

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